For Better DJ’s at the Mosque!

23 Feb

From my deepest heart I vote for the introduction of a new human right: the right to sleep. Every morning at a time when people should be in the midst of their most beautiful dreams, imagining paradise with its most beautiful virgins, something less beautiful happens: a squawking voice forcefully destroys that world and brings you to reality: back to Indonesia [for those of you who do not live in Indonesia: the mosque uses loudspeakers to wake up people so that they do not miss their morning prayer]. Even though many parts of Indonesia might as well be comparable with paradise, I would still love to remain in my self-constructed dream world, because I need at least 6 hours of sleep, dammit!

Maybe all of that would still be endurable, though, was the “Allahu Akbar” every morning to be replaced by a fresh and modern “Sex-bomb, sex-bomb, you’re my sex-bomb, baby you can turn me on”, so at least everyone would start the day full of adrenaline, ensuring that the lack of sleep is somewhat endurable (out of topic: my deep respect for all Indonesians who can manage to go through their lives with only 3 or 4 hours of sleep, that is unimaginable for me).

Okay but now seriously: sure, a majority of Indonesian citizens is Muslim, but it is still a majority, meaning… not everyone. Considering that, why is every citizen forced to be witnesses of Muslim traditions such as the five prayers a day? It is only logical that, should one be  surrounded by a specific tradition his whole life, sooner or later he will question his own traditions. I am feeling sorry for all Christians, Buddhists, Confucianists and members of any other religion out there, because the Muslim religion is idealized in such a strong way in Indonesia that everyone else is basically forced to see themselves as an inferior being. Why is Islam everywhere, making it impossible for its influence to be avoided?  Shouldn’t religion be one’s own choice? Why does it seem to many people that it is obligatory for Indonesian leaders to be Muslim? Why do people throw rotten eggs at Christians on Christmas and nobody does something against it? Instead of doing something against the discrimination, the police simply asks those Christians to go home. (c.f.  Generally speaking: Where is the equality among religions?

All these are questions that I demand from the Indonesian government to be answered. Please, my dear Muslim friends, do not see this text as an offence. In no way I want to say that Muslims are intolerant and discriminating against people of other religions, I simply want to say that those people do exist and that to a certain extent it is definitely even institutionalized, meaning that the government does not do enough against it or MAYBE even supports it (inofficially). Of course this is only speculation. Please, if you want to proof me wrong I would appreciate it. Maybe you have an academic journal that proves me right or wrong, feel free to share it with me in the comment or by sending me an email to:


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