A white guy’s Thoughts About a Whitened World

This is not gonna be another blog of someone explaining about his life in another country. Yes, I am someone living in another country, in Indonesia, to be precise, but I have no plans whatsoever to tell you guys what I am doing here. Do you know why? Because nobody cares.

I want to write about current issues in Indonesia and what I as a western guy think about it. I want to make Indonesians reflect about their own society & I want foreigners who are interested in Indonesia to know what exactly is going on in Indonesia. I am giving my uncensored opinion about it, be it positive or negative. Please, my dear Indonesians, do not feel offended. I do not mean to harm any of you because I am deeply in love with Indonesia as a country, but we all know that its far from perfect, the same goes for every other country as well.In the same way I criticize the Indonesians, I will also criticize the expats living in Indonesia, cause in many ways WE do misbehave.

Do not blindly follow what I say here, it might be bullshit. If it is, feel free to tell me that it is, if its not, I am also happy to hear that. And: always  tell me what you think about what I am writing here & give me ideas on what to write, that’s the idea of this blog. I want to find the reality of how the Indonesian society works.And I want YOU to help me in doing so. Send me all material that might be helpful to: whitemeetswhitened@gmail.com.

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